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Do Mac Computers Need Antivirus Protection?


Do Mac computers need antivirus protection is a commonly asked question for those who prefer using Mac computers built by Apple instead of Windows machines. It is often thought that Macs do not need any antivirus software. This is understandable as Macs rarely get viruses compared to their Windows counterparts. Also, most antivirus software is built for Windows, which implies… Read More

How To Enable Encryption On Windows 10


Keep your data safe by encrypting your hard drive Encryption has turned into a bit of buzz word these days in regards to technology security. However, it is much more then just a buzz word. It’s a very important step when it comes to securing your data. Encryption can be used by those who just want to keep their data… Read More

How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free


Windows 7 is now End-Of-Life, learn how to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 for free Since Windows 7 is now considered End-Of-Life by Microsoft, this means that your Windows 7 computer will not longer receive security updates. This can cause major headaches, especially for those in business, because your computer will be more vulnerable. Additionally, if you are bound… Read More

5 Tips To Avoid Tech Support and Account Scams


Most technical support scammers attempt to use scare tactics to gain access to your computer remotely in order to “fix” something on your machine. The most common scam script is to pretend to be Microsoft, Google, or another industry giant. Please remember, these companies will never call you unless you have set up a support call with them. Typically speaking,… Read More

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