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How To Use Mailchimp With WordPress

Development, Insights

The business owners out there know how important consistent communication is. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing and automation tools available today, and can be used to easily keep in touch with your customers, subscribers, and potential leads. Mailchimp can be integrated with WordPress to capture new subscribers and drive further traffic. This is especially true if… Read More

8 Plugins To Optimize WordPress For Speed


Did you know that you only have 10-20 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your website? Yep, only 10-20 seconds. That’s a tall order, indeed. It’s even harder when your website takes 10 seconds to actually load and display your message. That’s just one of the many reasons that it’s important to optimize WordPress for speed. Now, did you know… Read More

Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix and SquareSpace

Insights, Development

Template builder services like Wix and SquareSpace are becoming more and more popular, and I often get questions along the lines of “why is building a custom WordPress website better than using Wix or SquareSpace?”. I thought I’d answer these questions and explain some of the differences between these template builder platforms and a full content management system(CMS) such as… Read More

Why You Should Use WordPress Template Parts In Your Theme


When developing themes for WordPress you will often have slices of code that you need to reuse throughout different parts of your theme. The best way to accomplish this is with WordPress template parts. A good use case for this could be on the main index template, category template, tag template, etc. You can see working examples of this idea… Read More

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