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5 Tips To Avoid Tech Support and Account Scams


Most technical support scammers attempt to use scare tactics to gain access to your computer remotely in order to “fix” something on your machine. The most common scam script is to pretend to be Microsoft, Google, or another industry giant. Please remember, these companies will never call you unless you have set up a support call with them. Typically speaking,… Read More

Scanning Documents From Your Smartphone

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Scanning documents and photos is a big part of both business and personal computer use. Scanners can also be a huge hassle. Traditionally you would need to purchase a very bulky and cumbersome printer/scanner combo, or a standalone scanner. Fortunately, through the power of our smartphone camera and the very powerful applications that we can now run on our phones,… Read More

Time Management: What Is The Best To-Do List App?

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Everyone has struggled with time management at one time or another. I know I have. One thing that can really help is to use a good to-do list app and get all of those little details out of your head and be able to see them on all your devices that you use regularly. So today we are going to… Read More

Which Music Subscription Service Should I Choose?

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Just a few years ago it was a big deal to be able to purchase music digitally on iTunes and other similar services. You could purchase individual songs instead of entire albums, and it was amazing. Now, things have been taken a step further and you can now pay a monthly subscription fee and have access to huge collections of… Read More

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