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“Professionals at Kairos Psychological, P.C. are always looking for ways to help our clients with life’s struggles”

Kairos Pyschological is a psychotherapy and counseling institution in Omaha, Nebraska. They provide individual, couples, family, child, and group therapy.

Project Outline

The goal of this project was to provide an updated web presence for Kairos Psychological that would showcase the services they offer, the skills that they have, and the individual therapists that are available.

The primary focus of this website is the delivery of information in calm and inviting way. Who else gets uncomfortable when searching for medical assistance? We know we do, so we wanted to create an atmosphere of calm and peace. We focused on a clean and readable design, and we used the color blue to accent this approach. Blue represents calm, confidence, wisdom, and intelligence. All qualities that you are looking for when looking for mental health professional.

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