Stillpoint Massage

"Stillpoint Massage is comprised of dedicated therapists whose priority is to provide the best results for our clients. Our mission is to encourage optimized health and recovery through massage therapy."

Stillpoint Massage was founded by Dan Hanneman in 1994. Dan practiced massage therapy independently until 2016, when Stillpoint began working with the Veterans Administration. The business expanded, joined by many talented therapists. Through working with the VA, our perspective on massage shifted. Most of the Veterans who came to Stillpoint did not specifically seek out massage, or even know what it was. However, after receiving the work, most were very impressed with the results. To see massage be introduced and really make a difference in people’s lives was a gratifying experience for Dan and the rest of the LMTs at Stillpoint. After that, Stillpoint became more community-centered. We believe that all people can benefit from massage in one form or another, and that massage can increase health not only in individuals, but communities as well.

Project Outline

Our goal with the Stillpoint Massage website was to create a clean and simple website that implied a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The Stillpoint Massage design was heavily inspired by Google's material theme. We used lots of white space and large buttons to create something that showcased the imagery and content without being overbearing or overly complex.

Another goal for the Stillpoint Massage website was to make the website have some unique flair. We did this by adding animations for each section of content so that they would fade in to view as the user scrolled down the page. We also added animations to the header to create a smooth transition between the default header and a collapsed version once the page has been scrolled.

As with all websites built by Your Tech Therapist, the website is fully responsive and built with a mobile first approach. Speed, performance, and usability were are primary focuses when it comes to functionality and reach for this website.
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