The Tech Monsters

"The Tech Monsters (TTM) is a series of labs intended to increase familiarity, foster curiosity, and ultimately enable children to utilize technology to monitor and interact with the physical world."

The Tech Monsters is a non-profit extra curricular program for students. They take a hands-on approach to help students learn more about current technologies such as microscopes, aquatic ecosystems, low voltage circuits, and programming.

Project Outline

The Tech Monsters asked us to create a website for them to showcase the work that they do with their students. The Tech Monsters website primarily focuses around it's blog page that has been broken up in to two categories, "Nuts and Bolts" and "The Feel Spiel".

They wanted to be able to document developments in the projects that they were working on in the program. Both from a technical perspective, for those interested, and from a personal growth perspective for them and their students.

To accomplished this goal we created a website with a very kid-centric and specific theme: fun and happy "monsters". Since The Tech Monsters work with technology we wanted their website to reflect the progressive nature of the program, and highlight the technical aspects of it, while being accessible for any skill level.

External Graphic Designers

Chris Driver
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