Extreme Limousine

"Extreme limousine was started with a vision of revolutionizing the limousine industry in Omaha and the surrounding areas by providing a unique luxury experience for our customers. Areas first stretch SUV limousine service. We set the standard in customer service."

Extreme Limousine is a premier limousine rental service, offering rides for all types of events. Such as weddings, parties, sporting events, holiday light tours, and much more.

Project Outline

The Extreme Limousine website project was a platform migration and visual revamp. We maintained assets from the original design while modernizing the overall style and user experience across the website.

We utilized modern design philosophy by increasing negative space, flattening gradients and edges, and enlarging important content sections. In doing this, we also rearranged content for a more guided viewer experience that would highlight the important aspect of the website and drive leads for the business.

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